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Lo APK là một trong những ứng dụng Music & audio nổi bật. 24/7 Lo-fi Instrumental - Beats to Work Study Chill.

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Lo-fi Clouds
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Bạn đang tìm kiếm một ứng dụng về Music & audio để trải nghiệm ? Lo 1.0.5 APK sẽ là một lựa chọn tốt nhất. APKDAD cung cấp miễn phí Lo-fi Clouds Radio 1.0.5 APK dành cho thiết bị của bạn, bạn có thể nhanh chóng tải về thông qua liên kết ở cuối bài viết.

Created by Lo-fi Clouds, a team of well seasoned artists, musicians and developers, Clouds Radio is the new app to listen to Lofi Hip Hop, chillhop and jazzhop without any ads, interruptions or distractions. Perfect for a road trip, to chill in the sun, to work fully concentrated or just to fall asleep (in the clouds). Unlike all the competitors or standard radios, you can skip or go back to a song, so you’re in real control of the vibe.

Lo-fi Clouds Radio Features:
☁️ No ads or subscriptions (never had, never will)
☁️ Sleep well, sleep tight - App shutdown timer inside
☁️ Beats are updated weekly by our Team. No random, only the best.
☁️ Skip or go back to any song you (dis)like. It’s the future radio old man :)
☁️ Low fidelity music in 320kbp/s HD streaming
☁️ Simple and effective: download and vibe, meditate or chill away!

Notice: All the music is authorized by the artists to be played in this application which streams directly from the audius network. We are not responsible for any copyright infringements but will take action upon notice. All details can be found in the T&C’s of Audius, a blockchain-based music streaming service.

If you’re an artist, send us your music (Audius.co links only) to be featured on the radio via our discord channel.
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Có gì mới in Lo 1.0.5 APK ?

☁️ Improved radio startup time!
☁️ More music!

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