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Security Master APK è una delle migliori Tools app per Android. .

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Security Master APK per Android

Stai cercando un app di Tools da provare ? Security Master 98 APK per Android sarà un ottima scelta. APKDAD fornisce un Security Master 98 APK gratuito, che puoi scaricare rapidamente tramite il link alla fine dell articolo.

Security Master is a highly reliable ALL-IN-ONE solution for your device’s Security and Performance.

Security Master has several key features including Battery Optimization, Storage Cleaner and Device Booster. This application helps you to solve any problem that may slow down and overload the device.
This is not an ordinary battery optimization or security app. It offers laconic and user friendly interface that allows to understand the main features of the application even for those who are far from the realm of technology.


🔋Battery Optimization🔋
- Carries out battery usage analysis and monitors all running apps that drain power while not in use.
- It either hibernates or turns off such apps to keep your device charged.

🎯Memory Cleaner 🎯
- Cleans your applications cache, download folders and other junk files.
- Memory Cleaner cancels running tasks, speeds up the phone and boosts your device’s RAM with just ONE click!

🌪Storage Cleaner🌪
- Just activate Auto-Cleaning, and your device will stay clean, quick and in mint condition! One of the most useful features of Security Master application.
- You can even set an Auto-Cleaning feature to ensure your phone is always in the best condition.

💡Device Cooler💡
- Device Cooler makes running unused apps stop, which reduces the consumption of CPU.
- It also makes RAM available for other important phone operations.

🥊Privacy Protection🥊
- Detects e-mail password breaches that can pose danger to your privacy. Having this feature, Security Master is able to scan plenty of databases without additional settings.
- Alerts the user about any problem that may occur on the device, and also offers a one-click solution.

💥Automatic Notifications💥
- Designed to automatically scan your phone for threats and update our database regularly. It helps you to be up to date with the latest threats.
- It also quickly checks and alerts you about upcoming device update. Make an update in one click!

YOUR Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE Protection, Privacy and Performance Solution!

We are proud to be the most unique Security Application for Android. Your information is safe and secured with us, as we DO NOT SHARE your info with third parties!

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Security Master is a highly reliable ALL-IN-ONE solution for all your device’s Security and Performance needs.

It is loaded with several key features including Battery Optimization, Memory Booster, and Performance Enhancement. It helps eliminate any inefficiencies that slow the device and may result in malfunctioning.

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