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Lite Cleaner APK è una delle migliori Tools app per Android. .

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Sung-hwi Lee
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Lite Cleaner APK per Android

Stai cercando un app di Tools da provare ? Lite Cleaner APK per Android sarà un ottima scelta. APKDAD fornisce un Lite Cleaner - Safe Cleaner APK gratuito, che puoi scaricare rapidamente tramite il link alla fine dell articolo.

Optimize and clean up

● improve the running speed of mobile phones and safely clean up garbage

● clean up the application cache, Download folders, browser history, clipboard contents, etc

Improve equipment operation speed

● new functions! Use the task manager (ram accelerator) to quickly stop running tasks and clean up memory

● new functions! Application hibernation prevents applications from running in the background until you turn them on manually

Analyze application impact

● check which applications are consuming your data traffic

● check which applications are consuming your power

● use the application manager to find unused applications

Free up storage space

● simplify your Android smartphone or tablet

● quickly and easily uninstall many unwanted applications

● release equipment storage space

● clean up obsolete and residual documents and other garbage

● analyze and optimize your storage space with storage space analyzer