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Easy Booster APK è una delle migliori Tools app per Android. .

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Easy Booster APK per Android

Stai cercando un app di Tools da provare ? Easy Booster APK per Android sarà un ottima scelta. APKDAD fornisce un Easy Booster APK gratuito, che puoi scaricare rapidamente tramite il link alla fine dell articolo.

EasyBooster focuses on solving the problem that the mobile phone runs too slowly, so that your mobile phone can be unblocked from now on.

Junk Clean:
Focus on optimizing your storage space and clearing your phone of junk files.

Battery Saver:
The power saving mode can solve the problem of excessive power consumption of Android phones and help you to end the ineffective programs that consume power. Perfect for extending the battery life of your phone.

CPU cooler:
CPU Cooler can effectively reduce the temperature of the mobile phone CPU, so that your mobile phone no longer heats up, no longer freezes, and runs more smoothly. Regular use of the cooling function can also extend the life of the battery.