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Idle Cooking Emperor APK adalah salah satu aplikasi Game simulation terbaik untuk android. Train and defeat other cooks in battles to become the best cook in the world..

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Idle Cooking Emperor APK untuk Android

Pakah Anda mencari Aplikasi Game simulation untuk mengalami ? Idle Cooking Emperor 1.02 APK untuk Android akan menjadi pilihan yang bagus. APKDAD menyediakan Idle Cooking Emperor 1.02 APK gratis untuk Android, yang dapat Anda unduh dengan cepat melalui tautan di akhir artikel.

You live in a world where cooking is everything. You start out weak and then train with the goal to become the best cook in the world.

- Challenge other cooks to a cooking duel and win their restaurant.
- Let the cooks you beat work in now your restaurant.
- Create your own dishes and sell them in your restaurant for maximum profit.
- Challenge, and win against stronger cooks for up to 30 restaurants you can own.
- Research and improve your recipes.
- If you feel like you can't progress anymore, retire and grow a pupil with growth boosts depending on your own stats.
- Get more ingredients and make better dishes (ingredients have combination boosts with other ingredients, so try to find the best combination!).
- Get some fairies and creatures to improve your stats and profit!
- Build some buildings in the areas where your restaurants are so the people can spend more money for your delicious dishes!
- Challenge wandering cooks with increasing difficulty for huge gains (or losse but you probably want to prevent losing the duel).
- Become rich, do challenges, ect, ect...

This is an idle game which means you can play it in the background while doing something else. Much of the game progresses automatically but you can manually adjust many things to improve your gains faster. Optimize your recipes and set the right theme for every restaurant.
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- Changed the way you can set the current price multiplier because the input field didn't work out at very high values.
- Fixed an issue with setting next at values for research at very high vaues.